What Others are Saying

"Today I jumped for joy!!! Thank you a billion times!!! This is what I live for!!!"

— Special Education Teacher describing a Student using SpeechGear's Software to Communicate.

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  • Integrated Translation Engine for the entire suite.
  • Form-based editing tools.
  • Multiple translations and usage samples per word.
  • Acronym expansion.
  • Local and remote loading and saving.
  • Advanced import options to ensure data integrity.
  • Search/Replace tools.
  • Dynamic "find" as you type.
  • Author filtering.
  • Favorites lists support.
  • Multiple editing windows.
  • Plus much more...


An Integrated Translation Engine...

You’ve heard about the unprecedented features that the Compadre® suite offers. No other product line provides real-time translation of text contained in pictures, PowerPoint presentations, Word files, text messages, handwriting and spoken language. At the center of this entire suite is the Composer translation engine. Composer is a single translation engine that is shared by all of the Compadre products. When you purchase any of the Compadre modules such as Interact, Document or Interpreter, you automatically also receive the Composer translation engine. Having this shared translation engine ensures that you have the same reliable performance across all of your Compadre modules. Plus, with the included ComposerEditor interface you can easily add your own vocabulary to your translation engine. One location, easy to use, cost efficient, and accurate results, it’s all part of SpeechGear’s Compadre product line.

...Customized Just for You

Language is dynamic—in today’s world new terms and new meanings are continually being added to each person’s vocabulary. Composer allows you to keep up with these changes by letting you add your own vocabulary to your Compadre system. Perhaps you are introducing a new product that your sales force needs to support - or maybe new items to your restaurant menu – or you need to add the name of a new client. With Composer it's not a problem. Simply use the included ComposerEditor interface and type the word or phrase, add the appropriate definitions and translations, and your done. Since Compadre is a fully integrated suite, do it once and all your Compadre modules are automatically updated. Sometimes you may want to make the changes directly within your Compadre module instead of Composer. For example, perhaps you are using Interact and realize that you want to add a new term. Again, with Composer, this is not a problem. You can import entries that are made directly on any of your Compadre modules directly into your Composer engine where they then will be shared with all your users. It’s all part of the fully integrated Compadre translation suite.

To Get Your Own Copy of Composer...

You can order your systems directly through SpeechGear or through one of our many resellers and distributors. SpeechGear carefully qualifies its partners, making sure that they have the same strong commitment to their customers as we do. Please visit our Purchase page for help in configuring and ordering your system, or send us a note and we'll be glad to help.