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 "With this, and a passport, you're on your way."

— HGTV's Review of Compadre: Interact

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  • Complete integrated suite of instant translation products.
  • The entire Compadre suite uses the same Composer translation engine to ensure the same reliable performance across all your systems.
  • Use Compadre:Interact to instantly translate conversations
  • Compadre:Document instantly translates your Microsoft Office and PDF files.
  • Compadre:Interpreter brings instant translation to your cellphone.
  • Interact-AS provides instant translation and transcription for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities.
  • Plus much more…

The Compadre® Suite

SpeechGear's Award Winning Compadre Product Suite


Instant Translation. Anytime. Anywhere.

SpeechGear's Compadre product suite removes the language barrier. With Compadre you can instantly communicate with others even when you do not share a common language. Each product within the Compadre suite targets a specific mode of communication, letting you instantly translate whatever you say, hear, read, write or type. From enterprise-wide deployments, to personal use, select one or a combination of the products to create your own instant translation solution.

A Complete Language Translation Solution

The Compadre product suite includes four bi-directional modules that can be used independently or merged in any combination to meet your communication needs.


Compadre:Composer® is the powerful engine that runs the entire Compadre suite. This is the module that generates your translations. With the included ComposerEditor feature, you can easily enter new terms and phrases to your translation database, do it once and all your Compadre Modules are automatically updated.



Compadre:Interact® provides simultaneous spoken translations of conversations - as you speak to the system, it repeats what you are saying in a different language and generates a transcript of the conversation. It's that simple, just speak and you will hear the translation. No interpreter, dictionaries, or being constrained to a limited number of phrases. No "click a button, say a phrase, click another button, wait for the translation", with Interact you just speak and as you are talking you will hear the translation being spoken. In addition to speech, Interact also instantly translates whatever you type or, with a Tablet PC, whatever you write.



Compadre:Document® generates quick and accurate translations of PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and PDF files. If you want a quick overview of the document, or if you need a complete and accurate translation ready for distribution and presentation – Document is your solution. When it is time to give the presentation, use DocumentViewer to simultaneously show the original document along with your translated versions.



Compadre:Interpreter® brings instant translation to your Microsoft Window's Mobile cellular telephone. download the software, install it on your cellphone, and you're ready to go. If you prefer, you can also purchase SpeechGear's Communicator palm computer that comes preloaded with Interpreter. In both cases, with Interpreter's PhraseBuilder™ features, you are no longer limited to using words or phrases that someone else has entered into the system. Now you can easily translate phrases that say what you want to say. Enter a phrase, hear the translation, and see it typed out. It's that simple.


Live Interpreter

Compadre:LiveInterpreter® lets you connect to a professional interpreter and do so without advanced scheduling or planning. Now you can hold conversations in over 200 languages anytime and anywhere that you have internet access.


Plus a Suite of Communication Products for Individuals with Disabilities



Interact-AS® is a suite of products developed by SpeechGear's subsidiary, Auditory Sciences, that enables communications for individuals with disabilities. From those that may be Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, to individuals who do not have the ability to speak, to people that have difficult reading or typing, Interact-AS enables communications for everyone, anywhere, and anytime.



Interact-Voice® is a system developed by Auditory Sciences that gives a voice back to people that have lost the ability to speak. This is a complete system including tablet, software, carrying case and all accessories. The Interact-Voice System is approved for purchase through medical insurance including Medicare and Medicaid.


To Order Your Own Copy of Compadre

You can sign up for a 30-day trial of the Compadre Suite by clicking here, or you can order a permanent system directly through SpeechGear or through one of our many resellers and distributors. SpeechGear carefully qualifies its partners, making sure that they have the same strong commitment to their customers as we do. Please visit our Purchase page for help in configuring and ordering your system, or send us a note and we'll be glad to help.