What Others are Saying

 "With this, and a passport, you're on your way."

— HGTV's Review of Compadre: Interact

SpeechGear Introduces a New Desktop Microphone

There are three key components to a speech translation system: the software, the computer on which it is running, and the microphone being used to capture the audio. SpeechGear continually evaluates microphone systems and works with partners to identify and develop the best possible microphone systems for use with Compadre:Interact. Currently SpeechGear offers five recommended microphones – three of which are cabled systems and two of which are wireless. These can be viewed by clicking here. In all cases, SpeechGear modifies the microphone systems to optimize them for use with the Compadre Suite. The latest entry into the recommended microphone suite is a new desktop microphone that offers superior noise cancelling to our previous design (part Z.MIC.DESK). This system retails for $349 and is intended for used in situations such as a reception counter or in an office setting.

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