What Others are Saying

"SpeechGear’s Compadre instant translation suite, is one of the most innovative, factual, and cost effective items out there. The ability to speak multiple languages at the touch of a button is priceless and the number of applications endless. Talking about ‘great’’ this is it."

— Law Enforcement Magazine's Review of SpeechGear's Compadre Product Line

Future Communication Devices Everyone Will Want to Own

Dann Albright of Future Tech has published an article outlining his insights on the future of communication. In the "Instantaneous Translation" section of the article he includes SpeechGear's Compadre™ Translation Suite as part of his vision. Here is the beginning paragraph of his write-up. Click here to view the entire article.


It’s no secret that digital communication rules our lives—from the hours we spend on Facebook to the number of times we check our phones for text messages, we spend a significant portion of our day using technology to stay in touch with our friends, families, and co-workers. But what does the future hold for communication technology?


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