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Another Success Story on Using Interact-AS in the Classroom

Professor Donna Massine is an Educational Audiologist that for over twenty years has been assisting Colorado students that are hard of hearing. In a recent article, titled “Classroom Captioning: Interact-AS is Making a Difference in Listening Comprehension”, she documents some of the success stories that she has experienced in using Interact-AS in classroom situations. Here is the first paragraph of the article. To read the entire document click here.

by Dr. Donna Massine

Do you know your student’s Listening Comprehension score? Do you really know the impact that your student’s various accommodations to access classroom communication are making on their score? Does your student have a good understanding of how much classroom content they are really missing? A year ago, the Massine’s began searching for the missing technology that could make a big difference in one particular high school student’s access to verbal instruction in the classroom. This student was intelligent, a good reader and had an affinity for technology – but was the first to say that any additional help from the DHH staff was not needed and that there wasn’t much benefit from his personal FM system. After twenty minutes with Interact-AS™, this student couldn’t believe how much he was missing in the classroom. He immediately became a fan of this new technology.

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