What Others are Saying

 "Here's the most amazing technology I've seen."

— Guto Harri, BBC World Correspondent Describing Compadre: Interact During a Live Broadcast from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Announcing a Major Upgrade to Compadre:Interact™ and Interact-AS™

SpeechGear and Auditory Sciences have released the latest update to the Compadre:Interact™ and Interact-AS™ Software Modules. Dozens of new features have been added to this major upgrade. Most significant is a brand new speech engine. With this new engine comes improved accuracy, dynamic voice recognition for improved conference room meeting and team teacher settings, faster switching of language directions and User Accounts, support of additional dialects, the ability to add personalized voice training scripts, plus core features (such as internal timestamps and streaming capabilities) that we will be using in future releases including Interact-Streamer™ and Interact-Video™. All of these features are free to all customers that are currently covered under a Software Support and Maintenance Plan. If you are covered by such a plan, then click here to learn how to download and install your upgraded software. If you are not sure if you are covered by a support plan, then contact SpeechGear and we will be glad to check that out for you.

About Auditory Sciences, LLC. Auditory Sciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of SpeechGear, Inc. that is focused on developing communication products for individuals with disabilities. The firm’s Interact-AS™ Communications Suite assists individuals that are Hard-of-Hearing by instantly transcribing conversations and other forms of speech, and people that are Deaf by enabling direct communication with people who do not know sign language. These products can be used with anyone, anywhere, and anytime, and even to communicate in multiple languages. To learn more about the firm and the Interact-AS Communications suite, please Visit www.auditorysciences.com or send an email to info@auditorysciences.com.

About SpeechGear, Inc. Headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota, SpeechGear, Inc. is privately held firms with products that remove the language barrier by instantly translating whatever you say, hear, read, write or type. To find out more about SpeechGear and its complete suite of products, please visit www.speechgear.com or send an email to info@speechgear.com.